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Since worn drive belts negatively affect performance, they have to be replaced on a regular basis. This is a standard drive belt for MBK 51 mopeds. It is basically identical to the original belt, simply swap, and your transmission is as good as new.

  • measurements: 806 x 14 x 8mm
  • type: smooth / wrapped
Weight 0,2 kg
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Vehicle compatibility table

Type Make Model
Type Make Model
Moped MBK 51
Moped MBK 881
Moped MBK AV 41
Moped MBK AV 88
Moped MBK Club Swing
Moped MBK Club VL
Moped MBK Dakota
Moped MBK FX 50cc Aqua
Moped MBK Kansas 50cc
Moped MBK Mag Max
Moped MBK Magnum Racing
Moped MBK Magnum XR AC
Moped MBK Magnum XR LC
Moped MBK Phénix
Moped MBK Roadster
Moped MBK Rock
Moped MBK Rock Racing
Moped MBK Salsa
Moped MBK Swing