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2-Stroke Engine Oil Ipone Racing Samouraï 100% synthetic 1L. This engine oil was developed for 2-stroke engines of the world champion class in motocross and is accordingly mainly suitable for competition / race bikes – trials, enduro, motocross and speed racing.

This 100% synthetic oil is ester based to ensure optimum lubrication of the engine, even under extreme conditions. The engine is optimally protected, even in racing use at high speeds.

The bottle / canister has a practical doser to make your life easier.


  • extremely high lubricity, thus crankshaft bearings and all running surfaces of cylinder and piston get the best possible lubrication
  • very high shear stability at the highest rpm, which is a must during races
  • residue-free combustion, i.e. no unwanted deposits remain in the combustion chamber and exhaust pipe
  • compatible with the latest 2T TPI injection systems
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