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Speedfeed 2-stroke oil Racing with castor

Voca Racing engine oil SPF Extreme for 2-stroke engines.

SPF Extreme (SPF for Speedfeed) is a high quality, 100% synthetic 2T oil for racing use. Formula and additives improve lubrication even under extreme conditions.

One of the main ingredients is castor oil. Castor oil has very good thermal properties that allow lubrication even at very high temperatures. Conventional synthetic oils have a combustion point of over 290 °C, but the Voca Speedfeed has a much higher one and can be used up to 450 °C.

Voca SPF Extreme is called “Extreme” for a reason – this high performance oil is suitable for very high RPM and power levels; therefore, we recommend use in heavily tuned race engines and discourage use in original / standard setups for everyday use.

Can be used for premix and autolube systems.

  • 2-stroke oil Racing with castor
  • Premix + autolube
  • Flash point: 230 °C
  • Autoignition temperature: 450 °C
  • Meets JASO FD, ISO L-EGD, API TC+ specifications
Weight 1,1 kg

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